How to blend colors in Flash CS4

In creating an animation, I wanted to  copy an image of a cannon onto the Flash stage.   This created a problem!  The object I copied had a white background and white edges that I did not want and that layered over (blocked entirely) the grass I drew (on which the object is supposed to sit), see the image below:

This can be fixed by blending.

First, you must select the object you want to blend. You select an object by clicking on it with the black arrow tool located on the top right of the screen. You can tell that the item is selected when it is shown inside a blue square (see the image above).  Make sure that the object has been converted into a symbol already (this can be done by clicking “modify” on the horizontal tool-bar at the top of the screen, then by clicking “convert to symbol”)

Then, click on “Display.”  This is located under the properties menu.  You will see that it shows a drop-down menu with different options you can use to blend.  I chose “Darken.”  This allows the grass to show through the layer instead of allowing the layer to completely cover and block some of the grass! (see image below)

After clicking “darken,” my image looked like this:

Notice that you can now see the grass next to and under the cannon!

Other blending options include: multiply, lighten, screen, overlay, hard light, difference, invert, alpha, layer, and erase.

Here are a few images offering some examples of layers:

Hard-light looks like the following:

Notice how the cannon looks brighter.

Another example is difference:

You can see how the blends effect the color of the object selected.

-Shana Coop


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