How to Animate Walking (complete guide)

So for my small animation I had a simple action. This would be my brother walking across the screen. Well, turns out that wasn’t so simple. It takes a lot of small things to do one simple action such as walking. It took me three different tutorials to do it. So I am going to try to give you, the reader, a full guide to have a character semi-realistically walk.

1. Draw your character. Make sure when creating your body to put each body part on a different layer.

Example: Make layer for right arm, draw right arm. Make layer for left arm, draw left arm, etc.

2. Shift select all of your layers and click “copy Keyframes” You will need this for later.

3. Now with all of your layers selected convert your character to a symbol I named mine “Zachwalking1” and make it a graphic symbol.

4. Double click on your character to go into that symbol.

5. Once in the symbol repeat step three to create a symbol within a symbol, name this “zachwalking2” or whatever name you want.

6. Once you are inside the symbol within the symbol go into your timeline and “paste Keyframes”

7. Once the keyframes are pasted lock everything but your right leg and WITH YOUR RIGHT LEG SELECTED use the bone tool for the knee joint

8. One bone tool is made go to frame ten and click “insert Pose” do the same thing for frame 20

9. Click on all of the other body parts and go to frame 20 and click “insert keyframe”

10. For the right leg move the appendage to these two different positions for key frame 1 and 10 in order

11. Click on frame one and right-click select “copy pose” Go to frame 20 and paste it.

You are now done for the right leg. To save some time you follow the same instructions for the left leg (don’t necessarily do the same position movements)

12. Once done with the left leg go into the “zachwalking1” symbol and create keyframes at 10 and 20 and at key frame 10 move the character down just a little bit.

13. Make this into a classic tween (right click and select) This creates a bobbing motion as if the character is walking.

14. Go into the actual scene, go to say around frame 50 and make a keyframe.

15. Make a Classic Tween and move the character to where you want him or her to walk.

16. Press “enter” and hopefully it’ll work!

This is obviously a complicated process, but when done well it does make a somewhat realistic walking motion.

Good luck!

Simeon Mellinger


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