a youtube downloader that actually works!?

SAVEVID to the rescue!

I knew it existed somewhere.  I had used this once or twice months ago and I’ve been racking my brain trying to remember the name.  Anyway, it’s awesome.  Much better than keepvid, holdvid, stealvid, downloadvid, whatever.

It’s all very simple, really.  No trix here.  You’re welcomed with a shiny logo and a text box to enter your URL.  So go ahead and copy/paste that son and click DOWNLOAD to proceed.

As you can see, I have chosen to download “Evian Roller Babies International Version” … whatever that is.  What’s this?  I have a choice other than .flv?

Let’s take a closer look:


Now I know what you’re saying: there is no way this works.  But trust me, it does.  It may ask you to run a java applet or something, but it works.  It’s a website that rips youtube videos for you.  Believe it.

Matt Pietropaoli


~ by mattpietro527 on April 7, 2010.

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