An important reminder for Flash and ActionScript

A basic reminder to prevent future headaches…

Class Identifiers

When you convert drawings into symbols be sure include an class identifier so that action script can access the symbol in you library.

1)Select your object, right click, select Convert to Symbol.

2)Click Advanced button to expand your Convert to Symbol options menu.

3)In the Linkage panel make certain the  Export for ActionScript box is checked.

4)Name your class in the class box.  This will probably be the same name as the symbol itself.  Just know that this is what ActionScript will be looking for in our library when you want to manipulate the object. (read: don’t make it too complicated unless you want to be typing code all day long)

5)Click OK.  You are now ready to manipulate your object with ActionScript.



~ by balletwiener1 on April 7, 2010.

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