Frame-by-Frame Fade in Flash

This is just one way to fade and image with Flash. I’ve been having fun playing around with frame-by-frame animation, so this is the way I chose to do fades.

First, convert whatever image you want to fade into a symbol. I turned mine into a graphic. Click on your image. Properties for the image should appear to the right of your screen if you’re using CS4 and at the bottom if you’re using CS3. Click on ” color effects” and choose tint from the drop box. The lower the number you choose on the percent tint bar, the less opaque the image will be.

To fade in, I began at 100% and hit f6 a few times to fill the next couple of keyframes. I bumped the tint up to 80%, created the same number of keyframes I did for 100% , and did the same in increments of 20. To fade out, start at 0% tint and continue to 100%. You can adjust the length of the fade by using more frames and the speed of the fade by making the percent tint change in bigger or smaller increments.

-Sarah Vinski


~ by Sarah on April 7, 2010.

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