Organization of Assets and Folders in Flash

Yep! Another Flash blog. I’ve been sitting on my couch for most of the weekend and I’ve come up with some good fodder for DIY blogs, so I might as well share.

For my flash final, there will be many different pages, sort of like scenes. These scenes all have different elements to them, including various graphics, text and other elements. I’m already losing track! My first suggestion is to give each element a very specific name. I went back to my flash diagram, which you can find on my website, to look at how many different “pages” I will need in my flash project. Once i determined that, I assigned a name and a number to everything. For instance, they all begin with s for scene and then are followed by the number of the scene they belong to. This has really helped, especially when I’m trying to get instance names right for Action Script.

The second thing I’m using is folders. They are so useful for keeping all the parts separate. To add a new folder you can go in the bottom left corner of the library and hit the folder button.

Give it a name and drag your assets into it. You can make several, and it’ll help keep your things separate.  It’ll start to look like this:

You can of course create your own labeling scheme, but doing this will really help you. It’s helped me a lot. I was finding myself forgetting the names I’d given things because I had so many different pieces.

Hope it helps!



~ by avanim on April 12, 2010.

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