Renaming multiple files in iTunes & managing organization

I’m short a few blogs for class, so I’m going to try to inform you all of handy things in hopes of fulfilling my blog requirements.

I have an 80 gig  ipod, and it’s nearly filled with miscellaneous stuff I listen to. Needless to say I try to keep things as organized as I can, which leads me to renaming   of files in iTunes to better suit my organizational skills. I usually browse for songs under the “artist” selection when I’m looking through my iTunes or ipod, so many of my artists are named a certain way so I can access them more so with ease. Haphazard as   be,  my goofy system works fairly well.

For a while I would rename individual files, again and again, since it was the only way I knew how to. It was an excruciating task which made me never want to reorganize anything again. Then I found out that you can select multiple files then right-click the selection and select “Get Info.” Itunes might even prompt you stating that you are changing multiple files’ info, in which you can just hit ok. From here you can edit the artist, album, etc for the whole selection fo files. I don’t care too too much to keep the original info unless I have a reason, so I have renamed countless artists all the same thing so they would fall into the same category.

For example, I have a whole mess of video game music on my ipod, but it was all under a zillion different artists, so it was impossible for me to access all of my video game music at once. So I put all the video game music into 1 playlist, changed all the specific albums to the names of the game the music was from, and renamed every artist in the playlist to “Video Game music”. Now I can just go the Video ammusic artist, and select the game I want from the list of albums it gives me. So the exact composer or specific artist isn’t always listed, but that hardly matters to me when I’m just listening to music on the fly. If I want to know who specifically made a song or whatever, I can always google it.

I hope this blog made you guys think of an alternative way to organize your iTunes. Sometimes OCD pays off.

-Neil Parent


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