Saving any image you find and see on the internet

This might be old news to some, but to everyone who has ever had trouble saving a specific image they see right in front of them, due to some restriction the website has, this blog is for you (for educational purposes of course).

Some websites, specifically IMDB, prohibit right clicking to save an image. Either that or the image has some sort of flash embedded in it that you can’t really save an image you see. (For example, I wanted a copy of a plate from one of William Blake’s wacky engraved plate poem things, and the image I was looking at could be resized and manipulated, but not saved) This problem is so easy to remedy it’s almost laughable.

For PC users, just bring up the image you want and hit the “Print Screen/ SysRq” button on the upper right section of your keyboard. It’s usually next to the “F(number)” keys. You just copied an “image” of your desktop and what you see. After you hit the button, open up MS paint or any other image editing program (photoshop works just as well, but paint is ridiculously easy to use and doesn’ take as long to boot up) and “paste” the image of your desktop. From there crop out the specific image you want and save it as is.

For MAC users, press “command,” “shift,” and”3″ simeltaneously and an image of your screen will be saved to the desktop as a PNG file that you can edit using the aforementioned strategy above.

Take that internet, how dare you keep us users from doing everything and anything we want! Users will always find a way!

I’ll probably be the first to fall when the machines take over.

-Neil Parent


~ by njp24 on April 12, 2010.

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