Holding a Conversation on Flash

In the flash project I am currently working on I am having to deal with the characters going back and forth with dialog. This can be challenging so let me give you a few pointers.

1. Timing is key – I am still working on this to be honest. The best way to have people confused with two characters talking to each other is for the words to come up and leave too quickly. Try reading the words at a moderate pace. If you don’t finish before they go off the screen you know you need to slow the conversation down.

2. Motion creates natural looking conversations – Giving motion to your text gives the view the imagination that the characters words are coming out of their mouth like in real life. You can do this by control clicking or right clicking on the frames with the text and creating a motion tween. At the last keyframe have the text be at the edge or even off the screen. Here is an example of mine.

This is an incredibly easy action to pull off and will give a very natural form of conversation.

3. Body gestures create more connections – Ever watch a silent movie and understand the conversation going on between two characters? You are reading their body gestures! A shake of a fist or a scratch of a head could be the key to the audience understanding what is happening.

I hope these few pointers help for whatever interaction you have between your characters in flash.

Simeon Mellinger


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