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We now have a master page that we want to use for our website, and you’ve spent sometime making a page layout for your website. Now the problem is taking this .indd file and turning it into a file that flash is able to understand. No fear. Go to FILE > export. This is going to look like any other save window, and just like most other save windows you can specify the format you wish to export the doc. Now THIS IS IMPORTANT save the doc as an .XFL file.export to flash

**Notice it will actually say “Adobe Flash CS4″**

Click save and continue on. The next dialogue box is important too. you will notice it asks how large you want the layout to be exported. You can select the default (100%) or fit the layout to a specific web size. This is a nice option, but you should have created the size of you document to be the size of your website. I usually use scale 100%.

The next set of options is asking how many pages you would like to export.

**Note: I suggest you create the layout for every page one InDesign file. If you export all the pages at once into Flash each page comes up in individual key frames on the timeline, which is better than working with multiple scenes. **

Finally it will as you how you would like the text to export. I suggest that you keep the text as Flash text, but if you like you have the option of exporting the text as bitmap or vectors.

Easy as pie. Next we will cover how to break all this stuff up and add interactivity in flash.

M. Molnar


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