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Over the next six posts I am going to explain how to take a layout created in Adobe InDesign and export it to Flash. This is good people who want to make a dynamic website, but whom are still shaky with Java Script (like myself).

First you want to make a layout design. Think of this layout as a template for your site. Whats cool about InDesign is you can create a master page. A Master Page is kind of like a template that you can call for any page you want.

A good mentality for creating a master page is similar to creating a navigational banner or a nav bar for your as master AS you can see in the example I have created text boxes that look like links to other pages. I recommend this, but don’t use the hyperlink or button options that InDesign offers (that is useful for interactive PDF’s, we will be using Flash to create the links).

When you have a basic layout that you would like to use for the design of your site head to your pages panel. It’s usually in the top right, but if you don’t see it open WINDOW > Pages. The page you are working on is highlighted in blue. If you create multiple pages they are referred to as spreads.

In the pages panel right-click on your current page. A pop-up menu will appear and about 2/3 down the menu there is an option to “save as master.” This will save your page as a master page and you can create as many pages as you want with the nav bar you created already prepared so you can add content as you see fit.

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