Bonus: Making Bloodsplatter in Flash!

I’ve found strokes particularly useful in Flash, especially because, with a simple click on them, you can separate them from their object and use them in dependently. But, just in case anyone’s making anything as violent as I am, you can make your own bloodsplatter using Flash’s shape tools and some creative experimentation with strokes.

First, select the oval tool, then go to the all-important Properties panel. Choose an identical color for both the stroke and the object (I chose #990000). Then move the stroke slider all the way to the right, to 200. Now, if you create a small circle, it should look like artistic blood splatter. I’d suggest a diameter of about 50 pixels, maybe a little less, so that the main circle blends in properly.

If you just wanted the droplets, though, you can delete the main object with a select-delete immediately after you create it, leaving only the stroke. Whether or not you do this, you can bend and streak the droplets by hovering over the stroke until a curve indicator sits next to your cursor and then clicking and dragging. This might give a more streaky, visceral look to the droplets, if that’s what you’re after.

-Jon Kimmel


~ by blackburnkimmel on April 14, 2010.

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