Creating Unique Shapes With Graphics

So you might have noticed that Flash only gives you two shapes: the rectangle and the circle. And although the primitives are cool, you can’t really make a triangle out of one. Not by itself, anyway.

You could use free transform, but it doesn’t offer a lot of precision as you warp and stretch. Instead, you can actually use two shapes to create a unique one. For example, to make a triangle:

First, make a rectangle. If you want your triangle to be a right triangle, make a square instead. Make sure this object–rectangle or square–remains as a drawing object; don’t group it or change it into a symbol.

Next, make a second rectangle. This one’s shape doesn’t matter, as long as it has a straight line and is fairly large compared to your other drawing object.

Now rotate your first object with free transform (right clicking on the object and selecting free transform is the easiest method) so that its opposite corners line up with the edge of your other object. Essentially, we’re going to crop the first object with the second.

Now lay the second object over the first so that the edge of it lines up with those two corners of the first. You should now see your triangle with your second object sitting next to it. This next part is very important, because otherwise the crop won’t work: deselect your second object only by selecting your first object (the triangle), then clicking back to the second to drag it away. If you click away on anything else, then try to select one of the individual objects again, Flash will register them as one combined object, which is not what we want.

As you pull your second object away, you should see your triangle sitting independently! You can just delete your second object.

-Jon Kimmel


~ by blackburnkimmel on April 14, 2010.

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