Downloading Sweet Fonts.

If you want to jazz your flash animation up a bit, try to find a font that will fit the theme and feel. My favorite website for free font downloads is dafont.

When you’ve found a font you like on dafont, click the download button to the left of it. The download will give you the font files in a zipped folder. If you double click the zipped folder your computer should automatically unzip and  open the folder. If it doesn’t, right click the folder (or control-clicking for Macs) and there should be an option to unzip.

Once you have the folder unzipped, move the files out of the zipped folder and onto your desktop. You can delete them from your desktop once you have them moved into your Fonts folder. Open the Control Panel if you’re a PC user and the Library if you’re a Mac user. Both will have a folder labeled “fonts.” Drag the relevant files from the unzipped folder to the Fonts folder. Or, you may have to install the fonts by going to File>Install Fonts. From there the installation is very self-explanatory.

I’ve downloaded fonts from dafont that have come with their own theme song – don’t move stuff like that into the Fonts folder.

Now you should be able to find the font in the font drop-boxes in Flash, Word, etc. Just don’t try to use the font in HTML because it won’t be supported.

-Sarah Vinski


~ by Sarah on April 14, 2010.

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