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I’ve been referring to the Adobe training videos, but I have also found some other useful websites that can help direct you to where you want to go with your Flash project. This isn’t a DIY, more like a suggestion as to where else material can be found.


–This website has lots of advanced scripts, and it will explain what each does and how to implicate it. It will also give you sample code, which you can put into practice in your own projects.


–This website helped me answer several questions I couldn’t immediately find the answer to in the Adobe tutorials.


–I looked at and downloaded some of their sample files to see if it might enlighten me as to how to organize my flash projects early on.


–I found that this guy makes really cool videos about learning ActionScript 3.0. Some of the stuff is a bit advanced, but I found it fun to watch what Flash can possibly do. There are also some more basic things if you hunt for what you’re specifically trying to learn.


–This id Adobe’s Dictionary for Flash. You can type in phrases and parts of script, and it’ll give you an idea how to use each one. Pretty cool.

These helped me, hope they help you!



~ by avanim on April 14, 2010.

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