Html and Unique Text

Here’s a little hint if you decide to download a font from a website such like dafont (read about downloading fonts in one of my previous posts). If you really want to use a font that isn’t web supported and you really want to use html, then make the font into an image. Open Photoshop and type whatever you want. Go to File>Save for Web and tada! You can now upload your image/text to your website.

Just don’t make any typos! If you have to fix something, you won’t be able to change it in the image you saved. When you click “Save for Web,” the text layer is flattened into the image, so the font isn’t editable (unless you want to use the eraser tool or something, which is way too much work). So, either don’t make mistakes or also save a copy of the image as an unflattened Photoshop file.

-Sarah Vinski


~ by Sarah on April 14, 2010.

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