Layout into Flash 3 of 6

Cool cool. We have our layout exported and we are ready to get into Flash.

In flash go to FILE > open. Select the .XFl file that you just exported. You will notice that the entire page appears on the stage. Now the only problem is that the entire layout has been made into a symbol. YUP, there is nothing you could have done to stopped this massive inconvenience, it’s just something Adobe has to work on and improve. But we are smart, capable human beings and we can work around Adobe’s blunders.

Double-click on the layout in the stage. This will take you into the symbol editing mode. From here select each individual object and convert it into a symbol.convert to symbol

**Any white space that was NOT covered up in your original layout is still empty space. If you click on this white space you will only select the entire layout in Flash**

**If you filled in a text box with color please be sure to select the text box and the text then convert them to a symbol together. This is don by selecting one then holding SHIFT key and selecting the other**

Once you have concerted all of the layout’s components into symbols you’re going to want to make a grid of where all the symbols should be placed. open VIEW > rulers this will add rulers to the stage. If you mouse_down on the rulers and drag into the stage you will see a green guide line appear. Use these to mark the places for ALL of the objects.

**Notice how I have everything gridded out. This is going to help you out lots**

Now take all the individual symbols and place them in different layers in the timeline. Place the symbols on the stage directly over top of the original import.

Once each symbol is on their own layer and all the symbols are placed correctly on the stage you may delete the symbol page 1. We will no longer be needing the page symbol anymore, everything on the page was converted into a symbol and we can now add interactivity.


till next time,

M. Molnar


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