Making a Mask in Flash

Let’s say you want to stripe a rectangle object in Flash for some next effect. Using a mask makes this really simple.

First, make a layer with the rectangle on it. All the usual things matter: shape, color, stroke. You can modify it separately from the mask later, but it’s easier if you like your rectangle now.

Make a new later on top of the rectangle layer (I’d call it Mask for convenience). Here, use the rectangle tool to make one of the bars for your rectangle. Remember, because of how masks work, this rectangle is going to be the bar, the part of your rectangle that shows through, not the stripe.

Now, if you want to make your bars and stripes look even, copy and paste your mask rectangle, then use Flash’s snap to guidelines to line it up next to the first. Repeat this until your line of bars is at least as long as your original rectangle. Press ctrl G to group your bars together, then rest them on top of the rectangle. Right click on the title of your mask layer up in the timeline and select Mask. Flash will only show through the parts of the original rectangle that rest below an object in the mask layer. Flash will also lock the original rectangle layer. And there you’ll have a striped rectangle.

-Jon Kimmel


~ by blackburnkimmel on April 14, 2010.

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