Variables and color in as3

For my flash animation I made a bouncing ball.  I wanted to make the ball change color each time it was clicked and “dropped.” In order to do this I used a variable.

In actionscript, a variable is something that you call upon when you want to change the object you’re working with. First, you have to write out a variable and call it something. My variable will be called c.

You write variables like this: var (insert name here)
Example: var c

In order to use this variable I had to link it with something I wanted the ball to do. I could use variables to assign any sort of data to my ball, but I chose to change its color. The way to do this is to assign my variable to color transform.

Then, all you have to do is write
var c:ColorTransform = new ColorTransform();

This is how a variable is assigned to color transform. In the second line, I simply picked the color I wanted my ball to be using its hex number. Each time I added an event to my ball, I called up this variable by copying varc:ColorTransform and in the second line, I was able to change the color depending on the event.

Now, my ball is one color to begin:And when it is “dropped” using the mouse, it is another color:

-Becky Reiser


~ by Southern Discomfort on April 14, 2010.

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