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Of the many things I have learned from this class, one of the most important bits of knowledge would be this:  while the Adobe Creative Suite as a whole is awesome and very helpful, Premiere is nothing more than a huge headache.

Might I suggest the Final Cut brand of editing software.  It’s what I use, and I think it’s wonderful.  Next to Avid, it’s the one of the most popular editing softwares out there.  If you haven’t tried it, don’t worry about it being too different than Premiere.  Just see for yourself:

Looks pretty familiar, right?  And I only use the express version, which is perfectly equipped do to about 90% of anything you would ever have to do with a video editing software.  So go ahead, try it.  I’m sure there’s a demo version available somewhere.  And yes, it costs money, but what doesn’t?  coughTORRENTcoughcough

Matt Pietropaoli


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  1. Sound advice, but if you really want some good editing software check out Sony’s Vegas. It’s everything that Final cut isn’t-which is AWESOME- and also available via coughing.

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