Mashup tips

My mashup needed some help with synchronizing the audio with the video. I edited my audio in Soundbooth by extracting the film’s audio in Premiere. I tried to ‘free-hand’ the synchronization by writing down the time when Locke, Sawyer or the boy talked then go to soundbooth to edit the audio to synch the voices according to the times I wrote down.

This process was time consuming by going back and forth. I found out another way to synch the voices without flip-flopping between Premiere and Soundbooth.

With your short video, double-click the video in the assets area of Premiere. This will give an undocked panel of the video and you can edit the film. Minimize Premiere, not the undocked panel of the video, and go to Soundbooth. Now with your imported audio for your mashup, you can view the movie and alter the audio in Soundbooth without going to Premiere’s main window. After you have finished your audio, export it into Premiere, and drag the undocked video panel into Premiere.



~ by lchez on April 17, 2010.

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