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I was looking through the motion presets in Flash and saw the different ways and actions for text (or an object). I decided I wanted to have my text, which is a paragraph, to come in from the bottom and fade out as it moves further into the page.

To have a ‘Star Wars’ action text, that is, text at an angle and moving further into the page as it gets smaller, you need text in your stage. Make a new layer for the action text, then click the text box on the right and type some text. Next, convert to a symbol for your text and then create a movie clip. Once you have converted your text to an action, go to windows and select motion preset.

By selecting motion preset, there will be a new section- motion presets- in your workspace. Select the motion presets and look through the different actions that are available. To make the action we want, click on the default actions and go to the text scroll. Flash gives you a preview of each action by clicking on the motion preset. Select text scroll and click apply.

Once you have applied the text-scroll action to your text, you can maneuver the action by moving the purple line where you want the text positioned, where you want the text to scroll out and scroll in the page.

-Lauren Chesmar


~ by lchez on April 17, 2010.

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