Working with Images in Flash

I am a lousy artist when it comes to creating an image in photoshop or flash with the pencil tool, line tool or even connecting shapes to make an image. So, to prevent any bad art work, Flash allows us to import images from your camera, web, or any saved image.

Go to ‘file’ and select import, then import to library. Importing the image to the library allows us to manage the image’s original copy, whereas importing the image to the stage would be a copy of the image and more difficult to manage.

Make a new layer for the imported image, by adding a new layer and give the new layer a name (such as ‘image 1). After you have imported the image, go to library and drag the image onto the stage. Since we are not using photoshop to change the image, the picture may be to small or too big. If you want to change the size of the image, go to modify, then transform, and select the scale option.

With the scale option, you can change the image’s size. Or if you wanted to rotate the image, you can select the scale and rotate option under transform.

The transform, lasso and eraser tool make altering your image to your liking easier to change the image without going to photoshop and then importing the photoshopped image into Flash.


~ by lchez on April 17, 2010.

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