Color and Text in Photoshop

For one of my post-secret images, I was trying to use the same color for my text box as the graffiti on the side of the wall. After making a text box, I highlighted my text and went up to the top bar and hovered over “select text color.” If you hover your mouse over the image it will become a small eye-dropper icon.

I clicked on the graffiti with the eye-dropper and my text immediately became the same color.  I also noticed that below the color chart you can select “only web colors.”

Since we will be uploading this pictures to the site, it’s probably a good idea to do this so the image will be compatible with the browser.This is a very simple way to experiment with color and text.



~ by mlw53 on September 10, 2010.

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  1. Use of the image helps the explanation. A larger image would improve understanding. Also an additional image of a before and after of the process could help. Maybe elaborate on terms used in description just to make everything completely clear. Describe how to make a text box, and elaborate on what you mean by the image being compatible with the browser.

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