Adding effect to clothing color

I was just messing around with a couple pictures and found out how to do some stuff to specific clothing in photos. This is the original photo:

The color of the jerseys is a pale white. To add some effect on this color, duplicate the existing layer.. Go to the the new layer and go to Select>Color Range. Click the shade of color you want to change (in this case the white jerseys) and then make changes to the fuzziness. Pick a color you want to change the clothing to and click Edit>Fill. This will change the color of the selected area. Add a vector mask and you will see a change in color.

Looks a little weird but I’m sure there’s a way to clean it up a little bit.



~ by mdeang2 on September 13, 2010.

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  1. This is pretty solid, though it could be a little more specific in selecting the exact tools you need, like the eyedropper tool to select color. Also, there certainly are other photos you could use to better exemplify this technique, replacing the color range doesn’t quite work for this image, as you can see that one of the players shorts is tinted green, and it’s not quite as even as it could be. If there was more white in this photo, it wouldn’t work anywhere near as well as it does here, so selecting the specific areas of the photo (above the shorts) with the select tool could help clean this up. You could also include some sceencaptures from photoshop to see exactly which keystrokes/menu dropdowns you are selecting rather than just the button path.
    This is a very nifty trick that has a lot of applications, so this tutorial is valuable, though a tiny more exploration into what you can do with the Select Color Range would make it great.

  2. Hi Mike,
    I would say that you should get a little bit more specific when you describe specific actions. What stood out to me was “duplicate the layer” and “add a vector mask.” They might be simple moves to you, but for a beginner like me, it would be nice to have those things explicitly explained (as in click-by-click) or show a print screen of what you’re doing.

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