Shortcut Key for Refreshing Design View

When creating a web page in Dreamweaver I like to use the split view.  Here I can see the Code on the left and the Design View on the right.  Instead of clicking around to refresh the design view, there is a much simpler way.  The shortcut key F5, will automatically refresh the design view. It does not save your stuff so don’t forget to continue saving.


~ by dlore3636 on September 13, 2010.

One Response to “Shortcut Key for Refreshing Design View”

  1. Useful shortcut for sure. This program can be pretty confusing and having to navigate all of the drop down menus only adds to that. Refreshing the design view to see one’s work is also very useful to make sure the html is being entered properly, so speeding up the process of checking one’s work, in turn makes more time for more html entry. Good find.

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