Class notes for Sept 14th 2010

In class we went over a lot of HTML. You should have the beginnings of your website up and running by next class (see exactly what you need below).

HTML is the structure of your website, the CSS is the style and visual layout.

Complete the CSS tutorials at tizag and W3 schools.

Make sure to run CSS and HTML validation on you sites by next week. You can do this is Dreamweaver and/or you can download the add-on Web Developer.

Homework for Tuesday, Septmber 21st:
-Website up and running with navigation. Every assignment thus far must be online: your photos, Post Secrets, in-class assignment, your 4 favorite/most inspirational work from “Twisted Pair,” and your “topoanalysis” of the exterior of your place.
-See the Associated Artists of Pittsburgh exhibit at the Carnegie Museum.
-Write a “topoanalysis” of the exterior of your place based on Bachelard. It should be approximately 2 pages long if it were to be typed in a word processing program.
-Have five new photos of your place (15 total).


~ by Sarah on September 19, 2010.

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