Using the Level Tool in GIMP

For those who are saying “wtf is GIMP?”  it’s an art program much like Photoshop.  It’s short for GNU Image Manipulation Program (in case you were curious) and it’s full of lovely vanilla fluff and glory.  And it’s free.  And (at least a little) more user friendly than Photoshop to a newcomer.  So if PS is giving you trouble, you might be interested in giving it a go.

To partake, just go to

Open up the program, and it should look something like this:

GIMP layout.

Extra points if you have the same wallpaper as I do.

The work screen in the center looks a tad small, but don’t worry; it will change to fit whatever picture you bring in to work on.

Let’s play with the level  tool!

Using the above picture to make life difficult.

It’s a little tough to see, but just go into the “tools” menu, then “color tools” and then “levels”.

It should look a little something like this:

The little arrows on the top bar can be played with to adjust black, grey, and white in the picture respectively.  Sliding the black toward the other side adjusts the darks, the grey for mid-tones, and the white for lights.

The bottom bar is for adjusting the black and white values.   Switching the sliders inverts them completely.


And that’s all there is to it.


~ by myinsects on September 20, 2010.

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