Sept 21st Class Notes

We went over photo and Photoshop basics in class. REMEMBER TO RESIZE YOUR IMAGES. This doesn’t mean resize them using html, this means resize the file you’ll be uploading to your server. You can do this by changing the file type (jpg is good), cropping the photo, resizing the image itself, or changing the resolution. The ideal size for a web image is 70-120kb.

Crop your image before you resize it. If you need to, you can set size constraints when cropping.

Tone your images using adjustments or adjustment layers. You photo should be in RGB color. CMYK is for print.

The metadata in you image file is information about the photo such as who took it, when it was taken, and the camera used.

Add CSS to your websites! Make sure you link back to the list of student websites.

Please write your name at the bottom of your blog post (go back and do it to any you haven’t).

-Have your website up. Make it pretty with CSS. Post all of your homework in a logical way. Have some sort of navigation.
-Complete the Soundbooth tutorial.
-Listen to the two podcasts that Jamie has linked to on the class schedule.
-Write a design/concept for your podcast and write a script. Record sound from your place if possible.
-Search for your place on the Allegheny County tax assessment website.



~ by Sarah on September 22, 2010.

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