Editing Picture Size for Sneaky Sneaks on PCs

In class we went over the exact how-to’s of making pictures smaller in Photoshop. Of course such a thing is possible in GIMP as well, but did you know that it’s even possible in MS Paint? And it’s pretty easy, too.

Start up Paint and open the picture from your camera. If it wasn’t clear that the picture was way too big before, it will be now, with the picture taking up entirely too much space. Fixing the size is actually a lot easier (NOTE: NOT NECESSARILY BETTER) than it is in PS.

Make sure that nothing is selected and hit ctrl and w. This should open up a window like this:

Paint Illustration

Changing the % in horizontal and vertical “resize” boxes will change exactly how much the picture will be resized compared to its current size. 50% is typically a safe first option as it halves the pictures size. 90% will leave the picture very close to how it was originally, while 10% will make it drastically smaller. This is the same picture after two 50% horizontal/vertical resizes and then an 80% resize:

Paint Illustration Too

Much more manageable. Feel free to play around with your pictures to see which sizes work best. If you make a mistake, it can always be remedied with a quick ctrl+z. And remember to save your changed picture as a different file other than the original.


~ by myinsects on September 28, 2010.

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