Taking an object out of a picture

This post will help you take an object out of a picture. In this case, I used something simple: a golf ball. My friend took a picture of my swing before I actually took the shot because I thought it was going to mess me up. But, I kind of like the background and the picture so I want this to look like my actual shot, not just a practice swing. This is the original picture.

So I basically want to take the ball out of the picture to make it look like an actual shot. To do this, I will use the Clone Stamp located on the left side. Choose the Clone Stamp and put it over the area where you want to clone. In this situation, it will be an area of grass right next to the ball. Click ALT and the cursor will turn into a target. With still holding down ALT, click the area that you want to clone and then a sample of that area will be your new cursor. Place the cursor where you want to place the clone and start drawing.

Now it looks like a real shot!


~ by mdeang2 on September 28, 2010.

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