Sept 28th Class Notes

About half of class was spend looking over and critiquing our websites. You should take the comments about your site into consideration and make improvements for next class. A lot of people had problems with positioning (when divs, images, etc would move around when the browser size was adjusted). Use your online resources to find ways to fix this.

Jamie went over some of the basics of sound recording and Soundbooth. You should have already done the online Soundbooth tutorial.

You need to visit a few places to find more info on your place. Check out the Registrar of Wills, the Recorder of Deans, Federal Clerk of Courts, County Clerk of Courts, the County Treasurer, and the Sheriff’s office. Most of these places are very close to each other downtown. DO NOT PUBLISH THE INFORMATION YOU FIND ON YOUR WEBSITES. Instead, type, print, or photocopy anything you find. If your place is a public building/institution, you may need to talk to someone who works there.

-Record your podcast. Create a rough cut using at least 3 layers (voice, sounds, ambient noise, music, etc).
-Complete the Premiere tutorial.
-Write a two page script for your video project.
-Read Joyce Carol Oates, “They Just Went Away.” You will write about it in class. (I believe Jamie will have a link to this on her website soon).



~ by Sarah on September 30, 2010.

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