Finding Music for Soundbooth Projects

As you already learned in the tutorial, there are a wide array of music options avaliable through Soundbooth.  First, go to Resource Central on the top left hand corner. Then go to scores and select your gene. You can preview the tune by clicking the “play” button and then download it by clicking the arrow as shown below:

After you do that, you can drag the track to where you want it on your time line. Unfortunately, there are limits to the editing with this feature as is. You can only lower the “intensity” and “volume” but it does not appear like other sound on the time line.  I would recommend selecting “export clip mixdown as” and choosing the “.wav” format. This way, you can pull the new clip from your files folder and it will have the sharp green lines (what’s the technical word for that – frequency?) as the rest of the audio tracks.

Now, if you find yourself totally bored with the Soundbooth defaults (they are pretty cheesy) there is a search engine called “jamendo” on the creative commons site. Here you can find free, legal music to download and remix with your podcast. No guarantees they won’t be as cheesy as Soundbooth tracks, but it does offer more variety.


(ps. not sure why my text is wrapping around this image all weird on the blog…)


~ by mlw53 on October 3, 2010.

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