Paths (Photoshop)

Alright, this is an advanced photoshop tool that will give you a lot more mileage out of this program. The paths tool allows you to select a very specific area on your image for you to work with. To start, you have to go to the bottom right of the photoshop window and select the PATHS menu dropdown, next to LAYERS and CHANNELS. Click the New Path Button.

Next, select the pen tool and click where you want to start selecting from. Release the mouse, and move a decent distance from where you started, and click again, and hold down the mouse button. A line will appear, and you can bend the line to curve around your selection by moving the mouse without letting go of the mouse button. To continue making your path, just release the mouse button and repeat until you have completely made your selection. Once your path reaches the original point, you can select either the converse or the inverse of the selection and make your manipulations. For my example, I selected this berry, then I right-clicked on the path and clicked Make Selection. Make the feather radius 0 and I then created a new layer on top of my background. I copied (CTRL+C) the selection from the background and pasted (CTRL+P) onto the new layer. I went back to the background, changed the image to black and white, and the berry, now in the foreground layer retained it’s original color.

Paths is a very cool tool that requires some finesse and practice to master, but it can have some really cool results. Be creative and see what you can do!



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