removing blemishes from photoshop

I watched a tutorial on removing blemishes (and basically any other mark) from a picture in photoshop. After uploading the photo, you use the Spot Healing Brush Tool. Hover over a blemish and click. Photoshop takes a blend of the surrounding area and colors to color the area of the blemish the same shade as the surrounding area. You need to click around several times to get the smoothest effect. You can also change the size and opacity of the tool. The problem with this Tool is that it takes a summation of the surrounding area of the blemish, which might not always be exactly what you’re looking for. For example, if the blemish I wish to erase is on someone’s face, next to their hairline, there is a good chance the Tool will incorporate some colors of the hair into the new cover up. This would be bad obviously, because if you imagine working on someone who has dark hair, the integrated cover up will be darker than necessary after incorporating the hair color with the skin color. For this job, you use the Healing Brush Tool. You press and hold the ALT key while choosing the exact area you wish to use as a swatch to cover up the blemish. Release ALT and go to the blemish and click the mouse. This will deposit the exact predetermined swatch that you chose. This way is a little trickier, but very effective.


~ by gonetolunch on October 3, 2010.

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