More Strange and Unusual Programs: Using Camtasia to work on sound and video individually.

Camtasia is a useful program for doing voiceover work. Although it’s mostly used for recording video as well as audio, you can use it to work on either. Camtasia immediately links together sound and video, which is frustrating if you want to work on one or the other separately, especially because the option to disconnect them isn’t very clear. Or, at least it wasn’t to me. Here’s how you do it.

Once you’re in a blank Camtasia screen, before you import any sound at all, you’re going to want to un-select the little glowing ball next to Video 1 one as shown.

Camtasia Screen

It will ask if you permanently want to unlink Video 1 from Audio 1. Say yes.

Now you can import media under the Add subheading on the task list on the top left of the menu:

Second Camtasia Screen

Pick whatever sound file you want, and it will show up in the clip bin (pictured above right next to the task list). From here, just drag the sound file down to Audio 1 in the storyboard (make sure the green arrow is at the beginning of the track before dropping it) and you have your music file ready to edit.

Third Camtasia Screen

Just because Sound and Video are disconnected doesn’t mean you can’t link them. You can add any video track the same way you just added in audio track (except dragging it to Video 1, of course) and as long as they match up, they’ll play at the same time. However, if they’re permanently linked like how Camtasia makes them, you cannot edit one without editing the other, which is sort of a pain.

I’m not sure how many people actually use Camtasia, but knowing this ahead of time would have saved me a lot of stress, so I hope someone out there will find this useful.


~ by myinsects on October 5, 2010.

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