They All Just Went Away Script

Joyce Carol Oates
They All Just Went Away

Shot of Narrator walking through the woods to get to the dilapidated Weidel house.
Sound: footsteps in the grass, pushing back branches, birds/nature sounds

Shot of the exterior of the house in its landscape.
Quick shots of close-ups on downstairs windows, falling in doors, vines and flowers growing on house.
Over the shoulder shot of going through front door.
Sound: creaking door and footsteps on floor. Music: quiet but tense, heighten suspense, eg: early John Cage, or Mozart suite (instrumental)

Quick close-up shots of interior as she walks through the house.
Children’s drawings, naked pink plastic doll, old sweater, broken tree ornaments.

Sound: Voice Over starting to tell the story of the Weidel house/or why she likes exploring these houses.

Narrator moves upstairs, checks out piled clothes in children’s rooms.

Shot of Slossie coming up through the grass out of 2nd story window.

Fade to family portrait, photos of the family—esp Ruth and her father.

Narrator pets Slossie on the broken front porch.

Sound: Narrator voice over about Mr. Weidel’s drunkenness. Sound of people yelling, arguments, screams, fighting, thrown items. Gunshot nosie.
Slossie disappears.

Walks out of the house, and turns and we get the flashback of the house as Mrs. Weidel put her touches on it.

Fade to the house on fire.
Sounds: fire, sirens, arguments, crying, etc.

Then fade back to original house.

Josh Barnes and Dave Lorenzo


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