October 5th Class Notes

Class started with an in-class assignment. In groups, you wrote about how you would adapt the Joyce Carol Oates reading into a movie. These ideas were then posted to the blog. This exercise was meant to give you all an idea of how you can express stories through video. You’re going to need to decide what story you’re going to tell about your place and how you will tell it. Narration, shot length, cutting, and lighting are just a few things that will affect the mood of your video and the character of your place.

In Premiere, make sure to set your destination path for your project to whatever folder you’ll be using as your video folder on your usb key. Don’t change it! Premiere will reference this folder just like Dreamweaver references your web folder. Also, make sure to choose sequence presets that will work with your footage (don’t choose HD if your video isn’t HD).

You can import files along with capturing footage from your device. They can be video, audio, or still image – just make sure that the file you want to import is supported by Premiere.

Rendering can be a pain. Make sure you factor rendering time into whatever you’re doing. You have the option to render audio only which will cut back on time if you’ve only made changes to your audio.

*We won’t have class next week because of fall break. I don’t plan on having a tutorial this Sunday, the 10th, unless you guys really need it. Our next tutorial will be the 17th and the next class will be on the 19th.

PLEASE remember to keep up with your blog posts. And always read the class schedule on Jamie’s class website along with these posts.

-Meet with your video groups to talk about your videos. This group is different than your podcast group.
-Draw up a storyboard and have a rough cut of your video project. Your storyboard should be no less than 5 panels long. It’s easiest to make your storyboard by breaking down your video into scenes. It should be posted on your website.
-Seriously re-edit your podcasts and have them ready for in-class critique.
-Watch videos from the Digital Storytelling Center, Terra, and the Guild.
-Hard copies of your title search results are due.
-Make an appointment with Jamie for your midterm meeting.



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