Making video sepia tone

In this tutorial I will show you how to make your photos go from full color, as seen on the left, to sepia toned on the left.

First, go to the effects panel in the left hand corner and choose Video Effects -> Image Control -> Black and White. Drag this option over your clip on the time line and it will appear like this.

Now that’s great if you only want your image to be black and white, but I am doing sepia tone for my video to emulate the colors I found on a newspaper clipping in my building. You can skip the next step and go ahead an add “noise” and “dust&scratches” as I will explain later.

Second, go to Video Effects –> Color correction –>Color Balance. Drag this effect over to your clip. Now, in the Effect Controls panel under Color Balance, change Midtone Blue to -100 and Highlight green to -50. You can save this as a preset by right clicking Color Balance and choosing “save preset.” I find this preset works best for the tone I am going for but you can continue to experiment with different shades of the color balance.

If you want to make your clip look even older, you can add two more effects.  Under Noise & Grain you can choose Dust & Scratches and Noise. I don’t know as well of how these effects work, so for Noise under “radius” I only went up to 1 for a slight blurring. And for noise I chose only %10.

It’s a slight difference but you can see the edges aren’t as sharp and it’s a bit more spotted.



~ by mlw53 on October 16, 2010.

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