After I recorded my voice on my iPhone as a voice memo, I sent myself the sound document in the default form of an m4a to my email account. I opened it in Soundbooth and saved it as a default Soundbooth file, .asnd. Later I saved the entire file as an .mp3 to post to the internet. After I cleaned up the script by highlighting background noise and going to Clean Up Audio, I captured the noise print and clicked Noise to see the options for removing the sound. I kept both “Reduction” and “Reduce by” to medium levels of change, because I didn’t want to  remove too much from the voice note. After this I chose music that I wanted to add to the script. I went on a website that converts youtube videos to music clips ( and I cut the clip to about 9 seconds long. I copy and pasted the 9 second clip as many times as necessary so that it was the same length as the script audio. I used the same method to cut a clip of a baby crying and inserted it into my podcast. Save as .asnd. Save as .mp3. Post to website. Done.


~ by gonetolunch on October 17, 2010.

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