The Magic of Adobe Bridge

I’m hoping that many of you are using the wonderful program included in the Adobe Creative Suite called Bridge. For any media project you work on, Bridge works as an amazing springboard. You can preview audio tracks with its native audio player, and edit them in many ways just by right clicking. The top of the page shows a folder path so you can tell where you are in your directory in a way that is far clearer to Windows Explorer. There are dropdowns in the top right that allow you to view your media in different ways, showing metadata, preview, or just the essentials of the file. It’s also great for viewing images, you can resize the preview window to change how you view highlighted images, and you can view thumbs of all your images in bottom toolbar.

By clicking on EXPORT in the lower left menu dropdown, you can export your media directly to facebook, flickr,, or your HD if you’re running off an external drive. You can also add export options to further customize bridge and make media generally easier for you. You can drag your thumb drive to the favorites menu dropdown directly above EXPORT so that you can easily access it any time.

If you don’t like any one particular file, you can hit DELETE to “reject” a file, which will hide it from you in bridge, but not delete the file. Right click on any file in the CONTENT pane at the bottom of the screen to reveal a plethora of other options for your media like moving, copying, or opening in different programs.


Try opening Bridge  from either the Adobe Creative Suite Folder or Finder if you’re on Mac. It’s an incredible tool no matter what media you’re working on.


~ by fingoscrip on October 17, 2010.

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