Fading In and Out Clips (Over One Another)

Fading can be used in several spots.  You can quickly fade a picture or video clip in or out with a simple transition such as a cross dissolve.  However, this is short and abrupt.  What I am focusing on is fading another image/video into another one, more slowly.  It creates a longer transition that somewhat builds the suspense for the next image/clip coming up.

So first thing is to click the starting clip, that you want to be seen first, and drag it into the Source Monitor window. (Click window: source monitor if it is not visible). Make sure the clip is edited to the length you want it, then click the beginning part of the clip.  Then click the Effect Controls window, directly next to the Source Monitor window.  Click the opacity control drop down arrow.


Now it should say 100% opacity and the little cursor denoting where you are time wise for the clip should be at the very beginning. (disregard how mine is not in the picture, misclick.) Then click another spot towards the end of the clip, or wherever you want the clip to be completely out of the picture, a.k.a. faded out completely.  Change the opacity at this section to 0%.  It will then create a gradient down from 100%-0% that the clip’s opacity travels from.


All that is left is to do the same exact thing for the clip you want to fade in, except start the opactiy at 0% and the final spot at 100%.  Then align the clips over one another, and there you have a cool effect of layer video clips to slowly transform from one to the other.


~ by dlore3636 on October 18, 2010.

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