Making a Storyboard on Prezi

As you may have noticed last week, I used a program called Prezi for my storyboard. You can see it on my website here. (To view press the play button and then zoom in on the text) This is a simple to use program that you can embed right into your website.


1-Start by making a free account on Go to “new prezi” and give it a Title and Description.

2- A “Welcome to Prezi” tutorial will appear and I would suggest watching it, although I will explain some of the features in here.

3- By double clicking anywhere you can begin typing a heading for your storyboard.

4 – After you have typed something you can use the blue wheel to enlarge and move the text. Click in the middle to drag and drop. Select the middle round rings and move in or out depending on how large or small you want the text to be.

5 – Colors & Fonts will give you more options for the look of your presentation, but for a storyboard, this probably isn’t important.

6- Insert allows you to put photos in, and can really ad to your storyboard if you don’t just want to have everything explained in text. Under shapes, you can select different arrows that will show your reader what to look at next.

7 – Frame can encapsulate your various sections within a border.

8 – Path is a feature I am still messing around with and can be tricky to use, but it probably is the coolest thing of Prezi. Right now, you can just drag your way around my presentation and zoom in on wherever you would like, but by using path you can actually direct your reader to a different section one at a time, much like the powerpoint format of seeing one “slide” after another. The nice thing about prezi though, is that readers can take a look at the big picture before you start leading them around different sections linearly.





~ by mlw53 on October 24, 2010.

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  1. Word. Thank you.
    I had no idea anything like this existed.
    How did you find out about this?

  2. We talked about it in a class I took last semester, Narrative and Technology.

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