More on Camtasia: Changing Speed in a Clip

Who’s ready to talk about obscure programs? I know I am.

Camtasia, I’ve found, has a much more “friendly” interface than the more complicated sound or video editing programs (curse you, complicated adobe interfaces!). Editing still isn’t 100% obvious, though, so if you ever want to try it out, I hope you find this helpful:

Open up the file you want on Camtasia, either by clicking on it (if its a camtasia-friendly file) or importing media (as shown in my last blog post). In the latter case you’ll have to drag it down to the timeline, in which case you can then see the video portion above the timeline.


As in the image above it will ask what dimensions you want the video to be in. Web or custom are probably the best options, but of course it depends on what you’re making. You can also manually input the dimensions of the screen if you’re feeling picky.

Once you’ve finished, go to the part in the timeline where you want the video to be played with and then click the split button: it’s the green left arrow to the right of the scissors icon right above the timeline.


Click on the timeline where you want the edit to end and then click on the other split icon to the right of the first one to finish the splitting process. Now you’ve captured a portion of the video to play with as you wish. To change the speed in particular, right click anywhere on the portion of video to be edited and go to clip speed.


From there, a box will pop up with a percentage at 100%. Changing it higher than that will speed the clip up, which any number lower will slow it down.

Keep in mind that without having split up the audio and video, both will be sped up or slowed down at once. Unless you want to sound like a chipmunk, it probably would be best to speed up the video only.


~ by myinsects on October 25, 2010.

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