Beat Up or Faded Text

I found a pretty cool look for text.  I used it in my post secret if you want to give it a quick glance on my website.  It gives off the look as if the text were worn out, such as, if graffiti was on a sidewalk it might be worn out it some places because of all the people walking on it.  To do this you want to create your text, and get the colors and placement all set up.  Then what you want to do is bring up the blending options window .  To do this click on Layer -> Layer Style -> Blending Options.  This dialogue box will appear..


Then what you want to do is click on the blend mode drop down dissolve.  Then drag the opacity bar down until you hit a spot that you like.  As you drag the opacity away from 100, more and more of the text will begin to dissolve in certain areas creating a worn look.  An example is the word “PATH” in my image above.  You can still make out what the word says, yet it looks like its been tread upon.




~ by dlore3636 on October 26, 2010.

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