Adding Motion to a Photo

This is a cool technique I learned in high school to create a sense of motion in the picture. To do this, start by adding your picture in the first layer. Then, use the lasso tool (third from the bottom on the toolbar) to entirely surround the object or person you want to “put in motion.” If your object is compatible, the magnetic lasso tool may be easier and quicker than the regular one (this is found by right clicking on the lasso button).

Once selected, copy the encircled object/person and paste the selection onto a new layer, on top of the first one. Next, use the blur filter and select “motion blur.”

After that, lower the opacity somewhere between 25% and 50%, depending on what looks best, and shift the layer in the direction from which the motion is intended to be coming from.

Now it looks like dion is running three times as fast as those big boys behind him.


~ by danmaida on October 27, 2010.

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