Removing Tattoos in Photoshop

This is a cool technique, especially for heavily tatted people and wondering what they’d look like without any. I used Wiz Khalifa in my example, and removed his neck tattoos.








As usual, add your picture to the first layer, not to the background. Select the clone stamp tool (shortcut S) and find a clear patch of skin to use to replace the tattooed skin. Keep in mind, lighting plays a big effect in this, so if possible use skin thats receiving the same light as the target removal are. Next, hold the alt key and click the patch of clean skin.








Then begin dragging your mouse over the tattooed skin, paying close attention to where the crosshair is moving on the clean patch of skin. It will move relatively to where you’re removing that tattoos, so as you work you will have to re-choose clean skin (alt click) to avoid noses and eyes or something you dont want beginning to replace the tattoos you’re trying to remove.








Make sure not to leave any traces of ink behind, and you’ll have a tattoo-less patch of skin in no time.


~ by danmaida on October 27, 2010.

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