Creating an Echo in Soundbooth

Something I’ve been playing around with is creating a long experimental audio track to go over my video. Something that I figured out was how to create an echo in SoundBooth. To create an echo, you first have to select the section of audio want to echo, and then go into effects. Right click Advanced->Analog Delay(Advanced). Analog delay is basically a more technical term for echo. There are a lot of presets to work with that will give you different effects, but to fine tune your echo, hit Settings…

This opens up the Analog Delay window which will let you change how you want your echo to work. The two key elements here are Delay and Feedback. Delay alters how long after the original sound begins the echo will begin to sound, you can shorten it to make it start before your sound is finished, or lengthen it to make it right after, or long after the original goes quiet. Feedback affects how loud and long echo is. Take note that you can set feedback over 100%, which will create an infinite sound loop that will only end at the end of your clip.

You will not see the added soundwave until you select Apply to File at the bottom of the Effects pane, though by playing the clip, you will hear the effect as a preview. Also, you clip does not lengthen with the addition of an Analog Delay, so if you want to end you clip on an echo, you have to lengthen the clip.


Hope this helps!



~ by fingoscrip on October 31, 2010.

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