Fade In/Fade out in Premiere

This is on how to fade in/fade out in adobe premiere. First you need to import audio (or video) files into your sequence by going to File > Import and choosing the correct file. Once this is done, drag the file into your sequence to be able to edit it.

Next you need to click on the clip that you want to fade in or out. After it is selected, click the Effect Controls tab and this will open up your volume controls (For me, this tab is at the top in the middle). Collapse the menu by clicking the arrow next to “Volume”. You will want to add a keyframe (its the dot in the middle of the arrows)right in the beginning of the clip and one about 5 seconds into the clip, depending how you want your fade in to work. (Realize that if you want to fade out you want to add a keyframe at the end of the clip) Click the first keyframe you inserted and lower the volume. Now click the second keyframe you inserted and change the volume back to 0 db. This will create a nice fade in.

Sorry I didn’t include pictures for some reason I can’t upload them on. I will try to add them asap.



~ by mdeang2 on October 31, 2010.

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