How to get files from ScanDisk to PC

As soon as I put my ScanDisk flash drive into my PC today I got really nervous. It came up as a CD drive and the only files in it were the following : autorun, Launch Pad, and Launch U3. What the heck did these mean? I did a bit of googling on the U3 application but it didn’t really help me at all or tell me where the videos were. I decided to go to the computer labs and put the flash drive into a Mac there because it worked on the lab Macs last week. I put in my 16GB ScanDisk and simply copied all of the DIY video files from Jamie’s ScanDisk to mine. Whew, crisis averted. I know this isn’t a huge technical post, but if any other PC users run into this issue, I hope this simple solution helps.

Just another one of the lovely annoying formatting issues between Mac’s and PCs…




~ by mlw53 on October 31, 2010.

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